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The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in conjunction with the State Energy Office have developed an iOS application for locating fueling sites in North Carolina. The North Carolina Fuel Station Locator app allows users to find and navigate to fueling locations that are open to the general public from their (GPS) current location. Fuel types include Gasoline, Diesel, E-85 Ethanol, Biodiesel, Compressed Natural Gas, Electric, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Liquefied Propane.

This application was designed for two types of end users. First, the app will help drivers of alternative fuels vehicles like electric only cars, compressed natural gas, E-85 and other fuel types find the nearest station in NC.

Secondly, this app can assist emergency responders find conventional gas stations with potential generator power in areas with power outages. This app has two unique features that are designed for emergency responders and others who may need to find fuel in unfamiliar areas. Locally-stored data allows the app to function without an internet connection.

While connected to the internet, the map viewer uses Google Maps to provide navigation and the most up-to-date road information. When offline, the map viewer shifts to locally-stored maps that cover North Carolina. The standard iTunes install includes offline maps at a resolution or level 11. If you would like higher resolution offline maps, you can download them for free here. Loading these MB (Map box) tiles to your apple device will allow you to access higher "local" resolution maps.

The datasets for E-85 Ethanol, Biodiesel, Compressed Natural Gas, Electric and Liquefied Natural Gas are publicly available databases from the US Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center.

The gas station and liquefied petroleum datasets are provided by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture

    System Requirements:
  • Apple's iOS version 2 or newer is recommended
  • For turn by turn navigation you must use a version of Google maps 6.0 or newer

If you have any questions about the application, suggestions for improvement, or bugs to report, please contact

Now available on iTunes

Here are basic directions for using the app after you have installed it from the i-Tunes.

First, click on the icon to launch the app:

NC Fuel Station Locator app icon

Next, from the main screen click on the "SET Search PREFERENCES" button near the bottom as seen below

Screen shows main menu

For this example in the SET Search PREFERENCES window and set the "Permanent Generator:" value to Search Stations with generators. Then set the Radius to 50 miles to assure you get some results.

Screen shows menu of preference setting options

Next, go back to the main screen and select "LIST Search"

Screen shows a list of stations in order of increasing distance that fit your preferences

Click on the station of your choice and it will take you to the detailed screen seen below.

Screen shows detailed information on chosen fuel station

If you click on the "Navigate to Station" button, it will let you select the navigation tools on your device. These tools will vary by carrier. We recommend that you use Google Maps. Only the version of Google maps 6.0 or newer will work for the turn by turn navigation. If you have a wifi only device you will only be able to preview the route. You will not get voice navigation. This feature is only available on 3G and 4G enabled devices.

Below is a screen shot of the offline navigation screen-note there will be no routing in offline mode.

Offline maps screen with the location of chosen fuel station