GIS Data

ArcSDE and MS SQL Server provide NCDA&CS with an enterprise GIS database. The spatial datasets are a robust, standardized, and shared set of geographic layers (i.e. transportation, hydro, cadestral, imagery). The datasets are collected from state, county and municipal governments and are used in partnership with multiple state agencies. The data is shared both through thin and thick clients within the Department and with other agencies. The GIS/SDE component also includes map viewers and special GIS reports.

GIS Map Viewers

View and analyze the spatial distribution of data with our Map Viewers.

WMS Map Service of Raster Data

Emergency Programs has GIS Vector data in SDE, as well as WMS Map Services using Google Earth Enterprise. Vector data includes point/line/polygon GIS Data for Agriculture, Hydrology, Environmental, Transportation, Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure, and Reference Data.

ArcGIS Map Services of Vector Data

Emergency Programs also has ArcGIS GIS Vector data services ArcGIS Map Services. The map services include the following: CREP Easements and Swine Buyout Easements, Agricultural Lands Assessment, Gas Stations, Forest Action Plan Layers, Soils - Forest Site Index and Productivity, Soils - Prime Farmland, Statewide 2012 Parcels, Statewide 80 Ft Hillshade.

GIS Standard Symbology Layers and GIS Map Templates

Emergency Programs created standard symbology layers for most of the vector GIS dataset. This helps the department make quick and consistent maps during an emergency. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the standard symbology layers.

GIS Data Sharing Agreement

Emergency Programs has a GIS Data Sharing agreement to mutually share GIS data with North Carolina Emergency Management and the Department of Health and Human Services. The vector data in SDE is replicated annually.

GIS Data from Partners