The Tool for Environmental, Agricultural and Military reporting (TEAM) was developed in partnership with the Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to assist with conservation of natural and cultural resources, working lands, and areas that buffer military installations from incompatible use. This tool can be used to identify natural and cultural resource characteristics for a given parcel as well identify specific funding sources that may be appropriate for protecting that parcel.

1. Enter an address or place name in the 'Location Search'.

2. Left click and hold to drag the map view or use the plus and minus buttons in the upper left of the screen to zoom in/out of the map.

3. Left mouse click on the parcel of interest and a popup window will appear with the parcel information. Parcels will not display until zoomed in close enough.

4. Click on the 'CPA' and 'MPA' tabs in the popup window to see the areas that the given parcel intersects with.

5. To adjust the layers that are shown or the transparancy of the layers, click on the 'Table of Contents' area to expand the available layers. Note that layers denoted in gray are not visible at the current map scale.

6. In the parcel popup window click 'Generate Report' to have the report created. Once Created you can select 'View Report' to see the report.

This geospatial information displayed on this website is not from a registered survey and cannot be used as a legal document. Field verification of all data is required for site-specific projects. Parcel data displayed on this website is a secondary representation and is not suitable for legal or recording purposed. Land ownership changes daily and the owners listed on this website must be verified with the local recording authorities. This website is not created under the supervision of a registered surveyor. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this website, but errors and conditions originating from physical sources used to develop the database may be reflected in the data supplied. The requester must be aware of data conditions and ultimately bear responsibility for the appropriate use of the information with respect to possible errors, original map scale, collection methodology, currency of data, and other conditions specific to certain data. The State of North Carolina makes no warranties as to the completeness and accuracy of the data presented. The accuracy and completeness of data on this website frequently depends on the data provider who make no warranties of their data. This Map Viewer is developed by NCDA&CS EP.

Parcel Information
Query Date:
Parcel Owner:
Parcel Centroid:
Mailing Address:
Deed Date:
River Basin:
Landowner Assistance Contacts
NC Forest Service County Ranger:
NCFS Staff assist forest landowners in protecting, managing, and developing their forest resources through education, technical and financial assistance.

Soil and Water Conservation District Staff:
S&WCD staff provide information, technical assistance and economic incentives to farmers and landowners to effectively manage their natural resources.

Local Land Trust:
Your local land trust can assist you with protection of your land through conservation tools such as easements. They may even be able to assist you in finding funding to protect your land.

Environmental Characteristics
Adjacent to an area already managed for conservation? Yes No
Natural Heritage Program Natural Area Yes No
Water resources present on parcel Yes No
National Wetlands Inventory Wetland exist? Yes No
Potential Hydric Soils? Yes No
Parcel near potential historic sites? Yes No
Agricultural Land Use? Yes No
Tree Canopy Cover?
Military Considerations
In a Sentinel Landscape County? ( Yes No
Located in a specific area of Military Interest? Yes No