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GIS Data

ArcSDE and MS SQL Server provide NCDA&CS with an enterprise GIS database. The spatial datasets are a robust, standardized, and shared set of geographic layers (i.e. transportation, hydro, cadestral, imagery). The datasets are collected from state, county, and municipal governments, and are used in partnership with multiple state agencies. The GIS/SDE component also includes map viewers and special GIS reports.

Network to Map

What is REST?

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It's an architecture designed for sharing information through the use of simple HTTP protocols.

What is a Map Service?

A map service is a protocol for serving data from GIS databases and other sources to mobile and web clients. A map service is more than just a geographic dataset; it's a combination of data and parameters for defining and delivering a dynamic, interactive, intelligent map.

What is the Open Map Service specification?

The GeoServices REST Specification provides an open way for web clients to communicate with GIS servers. Clients issue requests to the server through structured URLs. The server responds with map images, text-based geographic information, or other resources that satisfy the request.


Listed below are the rest services hosted on ArcGIS Server for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

Other ArcGIS REST Services

Listed below are additional rest services hosted by partners.

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